We look forward to meeting you, and introducing you to the fascinating world of mushing, which we all love!
  1. CALI
    (holding Nitro, Step, and K-2) Cali was born and raised in Alaska. She has been working with dogs since she was young. Cali has owned and trained many dogs, mostly for duck hunting. She worked at, and managed a touring kennel for seven years before coming to Trail Breaker Kennel. At that touring kennel, Cali and her crew helped raise and train the Trail Breaker yearlings, and also 'employed' the dogs that couldn't make the race teams. She's been working at Trail Breaker since summer of 2015. Cali currently owns ten sled dogs, and one pet dog, Vega.
  2. LAURA
    (pictured with Jim, her dad) Laura is originally from Wisconsin. She worked in a dog day care for nine years before moving to Alaska in 2007. She spent four years guiding dog sled tours, and in 2012 moved to town to work at Trail Breaker Kennel, and to try her hand at racing. She's run several mid distance races including Copper Basin 300, Tustumena 200, Northern Lights 300 and the Yukon Quest 300. March of 2015 she ran her first Iditarod. She finished strong with a happy healthy team of dogs. Laura owns eight sled dogs, and two pet dogs, Haggard and Rishi.