Meet some of the athletes who are eager to take you on your adventure!
(this page is still under construction, more bios and pictures to come!)
  1. Sugar
    DOB: 11/4/08 Sugar was the first sled dog puppy i raised. she definitely has a mind of her own. She is named Sugar because she's so sweet! She is also my rock solid leader. She doesn't race anymore, but is an asset for training the up and comers!
  2. Dori
    DOB: 2009 Dori has completed nearly every race i've run. If she was a human, she would be quite and reserved. She thinks through everything, and only has a few select friends. She loves to work though! Nothing will get this dear more animated than pulling!
  3. Leaps
    DOB: 6/11/06 Leaps was my very first sled dog. She has run many many tour miles, and has trained grand majority of the leaders in my pack. Leaps loves to run, almost as much as she enjoys her couch time (which she gets plenty of)
  4. Spots
    DOB: 9/1/12 GengisxDancer Spots is one of the tiniest dogs in the kennel. But don't let her size fool you, she's as tough as the next, maybe tougher! Spots runs lead, but she is best in swing. Because of her social and friendly nature, she wants to visit the dogs behind her. Spots made the 2015 Iditarod race team, but had to be dropped in Ruby due to a minor wrist issue.
  5. Lucy
    DOB: 4/10/11 StormxBoulder Lucy has finished nearly all of the races i've entered, including the 2015 Iditarod. she's a rock'n leader, and a super had worker. She is also a total love with people. We all love the Lucy!
  6. Chiska
    DOB: 10/15/10 This girl. What an amazing dog. I've never met a harder working dog. This girl is always up for an adventure and is happy to take you there! She has finished every single race (over 20 miles) that i've run. She is also the proud mama of the Olympic litter.
  7. Charles
    DOB: 5/9/14 AKA Charlie Charles is quite the character. Everyone who meets this charming fellow falls in love with him! He's quite the guy. Charles can run wheel because he's a big strong dude, but he also is a rock'n lead dog. Love you Charlie!
  8. Linus
    DOB: 4/10/11 Linus is one of Trail Breaker's tour dogs, he loves to lead tours, and LOVES attention. He's a rock solid worker, leads like a champ, and is also a total love. He is the father of the Coffee litter. When he gets excited, he stands on his back feet and waves his front feet in front of himself.
  9. Rochambo
    DOB: 3/3/13 Rochambo is named after a coffee and tea house in Milwaukee, Laura's hometown. He has run in grand majority of the race teams. He is one of the best leaders owned by Trail Breaker. He is always up for an adventure, a hard worker, super smart, a sweetheart, and so handsome, basically the perfect man! Love ya Roch!
  10. Shenzi
    DOB: 8/12/12 Shenzi is probably the most athletically talented dogs in the Trail Breaker Kennel. She is always the first to her feet barking to go after a rest on a long run! she is also about as excited to eat as she is to run! Good girl Shenzi!